Use DOI Content Negotiation to add a new entry from DOI

I recently discovered DOI Content Negotiation via crosscite.

In brief, one can obtain a bibtex entry (from crossref) from a DOI in a single request. On the command-line, it looks like curl -LH "Accept: application/x-bibtex"

Using this, it should not be too hard to create a feature in Jabref to add a new entry from a DOI. I would consider such a feature extremely useful. What is your opinion about it?
Best regards.

thanks for you suggestion, but his this feature is already part of JabRef since a long time :grin:. Despite DOI, JabRef also supports ISBN, Medline, Library of Congress and other identifiers.
It’s in the LIbrary-> New entry dialog -> ID Based entry generator

The same feature is also used in the entry editor when you click on the “Update with bibliiographic information from the web”

Err… Sorry about that. I just noticed that the computers of my lab are running a very outdated version of Jabref (2.10 !?)… I’m gonna have a discussion with the sysadmin :wink:


@styko Wow, that’s really old, considering that we are currently on the way to develop the upcoming 5.0 version :wink:
That’s probably because in many Linux package repositories there is still/only the old version available.

We tried to experiment with creating a snap, but there are still some issues which need to be resolved.
Unfortunately we lack the (wo)manpower to focus on this. Any help is welcome.