Export date field from a custom entry

Hi. I’m new to JabRef. Apologies if this is obvious but I’ve been playing with this for ~3 hours, and cannot make further progress.

I have made a primary source custom entry, and I am attempting to export only these entries to send them off to an archive. I’m happy with the Harvard.rtf export file output under export selected entries.

But - I’m getting all the entries but the date field I would like. Now what I think is happening is this isn’t a standard field for exporting using the standard JabRef embedded export code?

So: I assume I need to create some sort of custom export script? If that is the case, could someone please, please (yes - I’m a bit fed up right now:
Send me a link to the beginners section of that process.
Send me a basic export script that works and instructions on how to embed it into Jabref.

I suspect I’ll be able to go on from there.

Many thanks.

Thanks for using JabRef!
As far as I remember, the rtf export is also defined using layout files. I suggest copying the existing layout file to a new folder, modify the file and add the date field.

More information can be found here

If you put the publication date in the field year everything should work with the standard havard exporter.

In case you want to export information from a custom field (say mydate) then you need to customize the exporter as @Siedlerchr says. The Havard layout files can be found here and come also with a readme (but I’m not sure how much of this is up-to-date).

Christoph, THANKYOU! :wink:

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