Export Jabref file annonations

Is there any way to export (automatically?) Jabref file annonations to Notion or Obsidian?
(something like “readwise” does?)
Here comes the feature description…

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  • I don’t care.

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JabRef does not do its own file annotations. It just “reads” them from the PDF itself. JabRef does not store annotations in the .bib file. So the option to import/export file annotations into Notion of Obsidian via the .bib file is not possible, because as far as I am aware, all is stored in the PDF anyway (unless there is some hidden indexing going on?)

For now, a better workflow might be to just attach the PDF to your Obsidian or Notion space and to import the annotations from the PDF directly. I am not aware if Notion or Obsidian support this though.