JabRef in Obsidian

Hello! I would like to use JebRef in Obsidian.

JabRef cannot directly export citations towards Obsidian, as far as I am aware.

I don’t use Obsidian myself, so I don’t have indepth knowledge and have not tried what I suggest down below, but what I found via a short websearch seems to be the following:

  1. There is
    GitHub - hans/obsidian-citation-plugin: Obsidian plugin which integrates your academic reference manager with the Obsidian editor. Search your references from within Obsidian and automatically create and reference literature notes for papers and books.

    Your workflow using JabRef in combination with Obsidian and the Obsidian-citation-plugin would probably look something like this:

    1. Use JabRef
    2. Save/Export your library as bibtex or biblatex library (.bib)
    3. Install the Obsidian-citation-plugin
    4. Import the bibtex or biblatex library into Obsidian.
  2. There is
    GitHub - TOB-KNPOB/Jabref2Obsidian: Convert the JabRef biblatex repository to Obsidian markdown notes for cross-platform viewing

    Jabref2Obsidian 0.0 documentation.

    The output of jabref2obsidian is a set of Markdown files that are organized into a folder structure. The root folder contains two sub-folders:

    • Notes: This folder contains a Markdown file for each entry in your JabRef repository. Each file contains information about the entry such as its title, author, and citation key.

    • Groups: This folder contains a Markdown file for each group in your JabRef repository. The file for each group contains a list of entries that belong to that group. File Structure