Export sort by entry type

Dear all,
I would like to export to HTML sorted by entry type.
Thus, I go into Preferences->Export sorting to set the criteria (entry type / year / author).
Unfortunately, I can’t see a field called entry type in the combobox to select which field to use for sorting.
Am I missing something? Was is the actual name of entry type field in this combobox for selecting the sorting criteria?

Thanks in advance,



although it’s missing in the combobox you can manually type entrytype in the combobox field which is recognized then.
I will create an issue so that the field is added by default to the combobox

Thanks a lot for you quick answer Christoph!
It worked like a charm.


FYI: In the latest development the “entrytype” field is now also in the combobox.
You can download the latest development version from here:

Please make a backup of your bib file before trying out the new version.
Thanks again for discovering the issue.

Great! Thanks again.