Sorting Entry Table with a custom field in JabRef 5.0

I’ve successfully installed JabRef 5.0 on both Windows 10 and on Linux (Ubuntu) systems, and I’m generally happy with the new features and the GUI layout, but on both these systems there seems to be an important shortcoming that did not affect any previous version of JabRef.

For many years I’ve used a custom general entry field that contains a numerical value. By including this general field as one of the columns shown in the Entry Table, all previous versions of JabRef allowed me sort the Entry table according to the numerical order of the value, simply by clicking on the column header.

However, with JabRef 5.0, the numerical values in this column are sorted in alphabetical order instead!
This means, for example that the numbers 1,2,3,10,13, 21
are sorted into the order 1,10,13,2,21,3
which is really not a helpful order.

How can I force JabRef 5.0 to sort numerical values in numerical order?


thanks for your feedback. This is currently not possible, I think-
Could you please open an issue at our bug tracker for that problem?

Thanks in advance.