Export to HTML table (with Abstract & BibTeX) with long author list


I’am exporting a bibliography with “HTML table (with Abstract & BibTeX)”. Some papers have more than 20 authors which all appear in the HTML table. Is there a way (without writing a custom export) just to export something like “First n author(s) et al.” to the HTML table?

Thanks Sigbert

I think the export filter used can be found here:

just modify the layout file
line: ‘\format[Authors(LastFirst,InitialsNoSpace),HTMLChars]{\author}’
to: ‘\format[Authors(LastFirst,InitialsNoSpace,3,3),HTMLChars]{\author}’
and add it as a custom export…I think its not much hassle.

You can also directly copy the original layout file from jabref and do the modification as suggested. All internal layouts are here