Feature: 'send to library ...'

I would like an option to ‘send to library…’.
At the moment we can send to a kindle etc.

The use case is that I have a ‘dumping ground’ library where I have a collection of items that I may or may not use. Sometimes these are unformatted and cause biblatex to fail when building so I keep them out of the library I use for writing where everything has already been tested to work.

Right now if I want to move items between libraries I need to :

  1. copy/cut the entries from the ‘dumping ground’
  2. change tabs to the ‘QC’ library
  3. paste the items to the QC library

This is of course easy enough but if it could be done from a drop down menu in step 1), it would be two steps less.
Thank you for all the fantastic work so far!

Please vote if you support this proposal:

  • I would like to have this feature, too!
  • I don’t care.

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You can also simply drag and drop the items to the library tab:

Mark the items in lbrary A, then hold down your mouse and drop them over the other library tab and they will be added to that library. No context switch necesary

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Didn’t even cross my mind that this was an option. (I use my keyboard more than my mouse so I sometimes miss the simple mousy solutions).

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