File names containing special characters

I use the convention “Author year title” as file renaming strategy. Jabref is able to find the files so far as they are stored in the appropriate folder.

but, some references contain characters like “/” and “;” in their titles. The files then have names with these special characters. Jabref tend to lose these files.

Here is an example:

author = {Laenzlinger, Christopher},
title = {The CP/DP parallelism},
File = {Laenzlinger 2010 The CP/DP parallelism.pdf},

Jabref is not able to link the PDF file of this reference.
Any work around?


JabRef has a couple of illegal characters that are forbidden in file names. Because JabRef is also used cross-platform with people working together on Linux and Windows, so we have some chars that are forbidden as well.
A “/” might be interpreted as a directory separator, so this explains why it doesn’t find the file