File rename feature broken in 4.1?

A very good New year to all and thanks for releasing version 4.1!

It seems to me as if the file rename feature in Jabref 4.1 is broken (Xubuntu 17.10, OpenJDK 8: Entry - tab “General” - line “File” - right click - “Rename file”). Do others have the same problem?
The rename pattern seems to be applied as uninterpreted text, if I am correct.

We changed the format for the rename file pattern to be coherent with the one for BibTeX keys. That is, you have to use [author] instead of the old \format{author} syntax.

The help should be improved and be updated on this point. @zh1975 maybe you have a bit of time and support us here? It is really simple: just click the little pencil symbol on the corresponding github page (e.g. the BibTeX key pattern).