Direct renaming of files

Hello everybody,

Is it possible to add (or to point it out, if i missed it) the function of arbitrary renaming of attached files directly from JabRef. So that it won’t be needed to edit both file name and corresponding entry.

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you can specify a filename pattern in the settings and then either right click on the file -> Rename
or you can specify a cleanup operation “rename files” which does this for the files from the selected entries.

Thanks, Christoph. Unfortunately both these methods are batch methods. What I’m asking about is a possibility to directly assign given filename to the attached file via JabRef interface without creating some new pattern which I won’t use for other files.

Hm, well simply rename the file at the file system and re attach it to the entry?
Sorry, I am currently having problems understanding your workflow

That’s exactly what I’m doing. Either this or editing the corresponding field in .bitex file after renaming the attached file. But it would be nice just to make a right click on entry and have “rename attached file” option, which would only require to enter new name once.

Wait, if you do a double click on the file in the general tab you can modify the name I think

Unfortunately, no. This action leads to pop-up window in which you can edit file link, but the file itself should be renamed separately.

I then would say, please open an issue (enhanment)

Ok, did it. Thank you.

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The current jabref master version has solved this issue. I am just mentioning this because the feature request has not been marked here as already implemented.