Finding all entries from a database

Is there a particular reason for not being able to view all entries when searching a database in jabref? For example, when I search a specific database I can find alot more results than is displayed in Jabref when searching the same database. Is it only that some api:s are restricting the ability to find all entries or is there another reason for why this is not possible? Like, why doesnt it show say 25 entries per page and display tabs for the pages as is commonly done?

I know that it is possible to be done thrugh the webbrowser, but interested in why it cant be done within jabref.
Thank you!

yes, you are right, unfortuantely the databases/publishers restrict the search results JabRef can acesss, also to prevent mass downloading (for those that provide full texts).
However, as an alternative you can use our JabRef Browser Extension to import content from Website: