JabRef 3.7 web fetching limitations, and added steps to do simple things

Why is JabRef 3.7 limited to fetching 50 entries from Medline? This now makes JabRef virtually useless.

And like all good software that had a clean interface and initially was easy to use (eg gmail), JabRef 3.7 is showing signs of bloat. One annoying example of this is we now have to take two steps to copy a \cite{BibTex key} or a BibTex key. And the window with the 2nd layer of copy options disappears too easily. This is needlessly frustrating.

If only Medline didn’t go https! I wouldn’t have had to change over to 3.7. Now I have to hunt for yet another functional bibliographic data base.

Thank you for your participation.
Your input will be invaluable as we continue to develop JabRef and make it great again eventually.


I use CTRL + K to copy \cite{bibtexkey} and CTRL + SHIFT + K to copy bibtexkey.

Further, we have CTRL + L to push \cite{bibtexkey} to the application.

Maybe, you didn’t know. JabRef is not funded by any company. We really need the help of volunteers. Maybe, we can ask you to have a look at https://help.jabref.org/en/FAQcontributing? Maybe, you can do something which in turn attracts more volunteers working on issues you discovered?

We also start the experiment to raise funding to pay some students. Currently, without much success. Maybe with your expertise, you have some ideas how to increase attraction?


Update: The limit of 50 papers is now also discussed on GitHub: https://github.com/JabRef/jabref/issues/2360