"function words" only in English?


are function words hard-coded only in English? I haven’t been able to find how to change that.

My default citation key generator is:


If the full title is in English, like “An example title”, that generates AuthorYYYY_Example, but if the title is in any other language, like “Ein dummes Beispiel”, it generates AuthorYYYY_Ein.

How/where can I add function words in other languages?

At the moment they are unfortunately hard-coded in

You can “manually” remove words using the regex modifier.

I see, thanks for your reply.
I find that this is a major limitation in JabRef, are there plans to support other languages? Should/could I place a feature request?

As far as I know, there is no plan to support other languages.

I’d suggest making a “Feature Request” here in the forum and perhaps describe the use case a bit more. If your .bib file has mixed languages it would be much harder to implement. Just adding/removing words manually to the list might be a lesser enhancement, I don’t know if that would be useful.