BibTeX key generator improvement

It would be nice if an alternative to [shorttitle] could be added which did not exclude “function words”.

I do not know if it is a bug, but the article titled “A few new (?) facts about infinite elements” by Demkowicz in 2006 resolves to “Demkowicz2006fn?” using [auth][year][shorttitle:abbr:lower]. Could it be added an option which ignores words starting with a symbol not being a number or a letter?

It would also be nice if the generator could ignore text between dollar-signs. I.e. “An $\mathcal{O}(1)$ integration scheme for three-dimensional surface scattering problems” by Bruno in 2007, should not give Bruno2007a$1$i (no idea why this is the case) but Bruno2007ais.


did you check the option: Enforce legal characters in bibtexkey only in the preferences?
Should be under general, I think. This should discard all illegal characters (e.g. slashes, question marks etc which are not allowed in file systems),