Remove version in arXiv import

As many do, I look at arXiv everyday and store many papers in my bibliography using JabRef.

However, I noticed that JabRef always imports a specific version of the arXiv paper (i.e., arXiv:0000.00000v2).

To me this is a bit inconvenient because whenever there is a replacement, my bibliography doesn’t have the most recent entry anymore. So right now what I do is delete v1, v2, etc, every time I import something with JabRef. This way if I click on the eprint link it brings me immediately to the most recent version.

Is there a way to import the arXiv entry automatically without specifying the article version?

I suspect that there is a reason that the version is specified, but to me it makes an almost perfect feature slightly more tedious!


Thanks for your suggestion!

Thanks to @tobiasdiez work this feature is now implemented and will be available in the development version soon.

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Hi, I noticed that this feature is now implemented in JabRef 5.1. However, I notice that the arXiv version is still indicated in the “file” field. I think it can safely be removed from the “file” field as well.

Something to think about.