Get bibliographic data for entire library

Is it possible to get the bibliographic data for an entire library and not one by one?

Yes, it is. You can open (ctrl + O) or import (ctrl + I or ctrl + Alt + I) the library file. There are various library file formats. Jabref is .bib native, but also supports the import of other library file formats, e.g. .ris

See here what a .bib file is about: Open, Edit, and Convert BIB and BIBTEX Files

I think I didn’t explain myself properly

Select all the references of the library (e.g Ctrl + A), and then go to the menu Lookup > Search document identifier online > DOI


and if I want the same procedure for finding ISBN information (most of it will be at my calibre folders - the source of this library)

I am afraid that, at the moment, only DOI and ArXiv are available.

JabRef is helping you on a regular basis? Please, find a way of giving back.

I think this are different thing if I remember correctly it’s about finding a DOI identifier for an existing entry which has not yet one. CrossRef is called with the entry and asked like: Hey, do you have an DOI for my entry with this fields?

The other thing is in the entry editor itself the round arrow icon. That works on a per entry basis and tries to get addtional bibtex info based on the ISBN

@lior Was your question answered? I still do not fully understand what your main aim was. Do you mean to get bibliographic information not only for the book entry, but also for the articles and chapters within that book, or is it rather about what @mlep referred to?

Hi not fully, My main aim is A. having as much information possible for all my entries, with one click
B. including ISBN/DOI

  • all of my entries are bases on books from Calibre and are located on my Hard Disk

when clicking one entry after the other I get all the information auto. But I would like to have it all at once

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