How to add preview styles

I notice that in the documentation page about the entry preview setup (Entry preview setup - JabRef) there is a long list of preview styles in the “Available” window. I only have four in total. How do I add more, where would I put the files?


those in the screenshot are the CSL styles that are included in JabRef. They are shipped with every newer version.
Which version of JabRef do you use?

JabRef 5.3–ArchLinux–1
Linux 5.13.12-arch1-1 amd64
Java 16.0.2
JavaFX 16+8

Probably something to do with the Arch build. I’ll look into it - unless you know about the issue?

If you are building from source, you might need to copy the csl files first to the resources folder:

   cp buildres/csl/csl-locales/* src/main/resources/csl-locales/
    cp buildres/csl/csl-locales/* src/main/resources/csl-locales/

To fasten build time for local development, we just use a few sample csl styles and copy the rest before the build process.

Ah! I’ll pass that on to the package maintainer.