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In the response to the post “Entry preview layout files”, Christoph Siedlerchr wrote “If you have a custom CSL style which is not avaiable online, you can manually put in the JabRef.jar root. For this, you have to open the jar file with 7zip or a similar archiver and put the file into it.”

Not being familiar with Java, I’m hoping for the next step here. Having unziped the Jabref.jar, what do I need to do to return it to working order. I tried simply zipping all the unarchived files into a zip file which I then renamed JabRef.jar (replacing the original one), but this lead to error messages when I next tried to launch JabRef.



install 7zip, you can get it from here:
Right click on the JabRef.jar file -> Open with 7zip (or directly right click 7zip-> open)
You will see a list of files, including the csl:

Just add your new file with drag and drop


I am latching on to this old thread, because I am trying to do the same thing – but with these system specs:
JabRef 5.2–2020-12-24–6a2a512
Mac OS X 10.15.7 x86_64
Java 15.0.1

I did not find a jabref.jar; and though I find some files when opening with „Show package contents“, I cannot find the location of the .csl files. Could you give me a hint as to where I need to look?

Thank you so much!