How to build a dmg file from JabRef git repo source?

Hello JabRef forum,

I use OSX 10.13.6. I can build from git source, using the instructions from and All is well and I can unzip and execute the script “JabRef” produced in ./build/distributions. Jabref works fine.

My question:
I need some help with regards to how to create an OSX dmg file, for final OSX install as an app. How is that done? I have not found this in the build documentation. I guess I can hack and do it on my own, but is there an official way, like a script or procedure to follow?

Magnus Larsson

I’ve never tried this on my own, but this should be the relevant command to create the dmg file:

(You probably need a valid install4j installation through)

@tobiasdiez, Thank you for the feedback and your help.

Meanwhile, I found this on the wiki, pointing in the same direction as your reply:

I do not really need a release dmg, just a local osx app setup. I will check if I can set it up on my own.

Best regards,

Magnus Larsson

Hi @KarlMagnusLarsson

are you aware that we automatically build dmg, exe and jar files for each commit of the master branch and other branches?
You can always get the latest development build from here:

Hello @Siedlerchr,

Thank you for the hint.

Yes, I am aware of the automatically built dmg and I do use them. However, I am now building straight from git repo. That works well and I use the the script “JabRef” produced in ./build/distributions.

I was interested in an OSX app for convenience, but I can define an icon in my OSX dock manually anyway, so this is not a big issue.