How to enable keyboard context key (Windows)

On the big pane showing all of the bibtex entries, a middle click on an entry brings up a useful context menu. How can I get the same context menu using my keyboard context menu key? This is on Windows 10.


you are referring to the MainTable. Unfortunately it seems this is currently not possible.

Thanks for the reply.

I use the context key a lot on other programs; not being able to use it in JabRef is a bit of a hickup.

So I guess I’ll relabel this question as a feature request.

Your wish has been granted!

You can download the new build from Note that, in this version, besides the context menu functionality, the whole main table and menu is revamped. Thus there still might be some hidden bugs. Have a look at to see the current status and please report any further bugs that you may notice.
(If you use the marking feature, then please be aware that your database is changed).

Thanks. This is exactly what I was looking for.