How to enter corporation name in author field?

I’m using JabRef 5.1–2020-04-14–e86d415 on Windows 10 10.0 amd64 with Java 14.0.1 (BTW, nice work!) and have the following entry:

  author  = {{Apple Inc.}},
  date    = {2020},
  title   = {Eseguire il backup dei file con Time Machine sul Mac},
  url     = {},
  urldate = {2020-5-09},
  langid  = {italian},

In the text reference and citation are correct but in JabRef author column, the author is shown as “Inc.” Also changing the author to a nonsense “Inc., Apple” does not change the column content.
Yes, it is a minor problem, but happens frequently when you cite the company’s web sites.
Thanks for clarifying!

BTW, I don’t know why I have 5.1 when everywhere is written latest version is 5.0. Maybe a bug fix I forgot…

5.1 is the latest development version. 5.0 the latest stable release. Personally, I mostly use the latest development versions, too.

On your question, yes curly brackets should ensure the treatment of apple inc as one phrase:

author = {{Apple Inc.}},

In my citation style it works as desired.

You might also add a ~

author = {{Apple~Inc.}},


Unfortunately the tilde trick does not change the Author/Editor column content that remains at “Inc.”
Moreover the entry editor show the warning sign that for the author field “Names are not in standard biblatex format”. Same problem for other compound names like {Quote Investigator} that shows “Investigator” and {The LOGO Foundation} that appear as “Foundation”.
I will live with this little annoyance. Anyway, I think it is a bug. If I add double {} means the name should be taken as-is in its entirety.
Thanks for considering!

Indeed, the extra brackets are not enforced in the entry table: only “Inc.” is displayed.
I believe this is a bug in JabRef.
Please, Mario, could you open a new issue at ?

I think this is the same issue, reported from another user:

I believe this is reported by the same user :grinning:

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