I don't know how to solve this error

Hello there
Can anybody help me?
It indicates this error and does not let me work

To help you, more details are needed:

  • Which version of JabRef are you using?
  • What actions lead to this error message?

Hello there
Thank you for answering my message.
I am new to JabRef.
When wanting to open any registry it indicates errors like this. I am attaching another image.

I also have another problem. How do I enter the name of a corporate author? Well, when JabRer indicates that it shows it to me in APA format, it changes the name in the order of last name and first name. How I wanted to solve the problem was putting an organization field, but did not take it into account. Now I am entering the corporate name with a comma at the end, but it gives me an alert message, for example “BBC News,”

Your issue about corporate name is not JabRef-specific. It is about using the BibTeX format.
In the field Author (of the JabRef entry editor) enter {BBC News}. The braces around the name tells BibTeX that “BBC News” has to be considered as a name even if it contains a space character (plus it preserves the capitalization).
In the BibTeX file (and in the tab Source of the entry editor), it will look like author = {{BBC News}}.
You may find additional information and resources about the BibTeX format here: https://docs.jabref.org/advanced/fields

The error message will be of help to JabRef developers. Thank you for copying it. In the meantime, you may want to try if this error is still present in the version under development. It can be downloaded here: https://builds.jabref.org/main/
Make a backup of your bib file before using it (even if, to my experience, it works fine).

Thank you for your prompt response and for all the support you are giving me.

Putting the author in brackets {BBC News} and viewing in APA changes the order. I attach example images.

Indeed, when I choose an APA preview style, the braces are not enforced and get the kind of preview you have. This is a bug in the style definition. There is already an issue opened about the APA style (https://github.com/JabRef/jabref/issues/8122). Maybe you could add a comment to it?

Thank you!!
She had searched everywhere for how to solve that.

One last question.

Why every moment I get a message about accepting or discarding the changes. If I select accept, it makes a copy of the record that was modified.
I really appreciate all this support.

Juan Francisco Calvillo Taracena

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