How to search for an empty field e.g. an entry not containing DOI

I am trying to search for a non existence of an entry. In detail, I want to filter all entries which does not contain DOI entries. Any idea how to search for this? (I already tried to do it with regex, but I think this is not purposeful as the “doi” is not in the bibtex file and not an empty entry).

Could be that there are more solutions than just these, but those are the ones that came to my mind

  • You could add the doi field to the entry table and sort by doi.

  • Another solution is to use regular expression search:
    use doi!=.*


doi denotes is the doi field
! = not
= = equals
. = any character
* = matches the preceeding character (in this case any character) zero or more times

Documentation and examples for RegEx syntax can be found in the java and jabref docs


doi!=.+ might be better.

+ means one or more times

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AArgh! Thanks a lot.
The first suggested solution is so obvious, that I completely missed it :slight_smile:

The regex one is my favourite one. Thanks a lot!

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