New Entry From Plain Text

I regularly use the ‘New Entry From Plain Text’, I find it saves me a lot of time manually Inputing references, especially when i need to get Jabref to automatically discover DOI for my reference lists.

However, I have noticed that the ‘New Entry From Plain Text’ function only works intermittently, but I am struggling to determine why… The function simply returns the text - ‘0 Entries were parse from your query’.

A search has revealed that there does seem to be an issue where the service required by the parser: is not always working and requires a reboot.

Is anyone able to confirm this is the case, and also, whether there are any plans to address this is future versions of Jabref - I wonder if it’s possible to add an alert to advise that the gorbid server is returning an error.

I note at present if I goto the gorbid server and attempt to process a citation manually on the site, it currently returns the following error:

Error encountered while requesting the server.


Problem accessing /api/processCitation. Reason:

Service Unavailable

I guess your proposal would be a good idea

@Siedlerchr Good first issue?

Thanks, As A follow up, I have found that it’s possible to use the following demo address to maintain functionality of the ‘New Entry From Plain Text’ function:

However., I have found that results are not as reliable. Its ok if a DOI is found for an item, but where this is not the case, a random instance of a 'similar entry is populated instead.

Also, this is just a demo address and not intended for proper use. but does prove that Jabref is still working and the error is with the server trying to be addressed in Jabrefs ‘New Entry From Plain Text’ function.

Would be interesting if anyone know any other genuine servers that are available for use.

Hope this helps anyone whos 's also having the same issues…


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