How to specify relative directories for PDF downloads?


I am attempting to specify a directory path relative to where my bib file is located in order to store downloaded PDF files. However, under my current settings:

  • "Use the BIB file location as primary file directory

Library Specific Settings:

  • General File Directory: ./Folder
  • User-specific File Directory: ./Folder
  • LaTex file Directory: ./Folder

Jabref saves the pdf files to the root of my BIB directory (i.e. the same folder where my BIB file is) rather than to the “Folder” directory I specified. Is this due to an error in my settings? Can I specify paths relative to my BIB directory? If not, can I specify the file using a “~” or “$HOME” variable?

Mainly asking because I want to be able to sync my bib/pdf files across a few computers that have varying usernames for some reason.

Addendum: Forgot to mention this is for Jabref 5.0+

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The setting “Use bib file location as primary dir” overwrites all other settings, e.g. has the main precedence.
Just uncheck it and it should work.

. . .So I had already tried not using the “Use the BIB file location as primary file directory” option, however I could not figure out how Jabref treated relative file locations.

And. . .I can’t believe I just figured this out. All I had to do was just specify the folder, i.e. as “Folder” instead of “./Folder”.

Ty for the clarification.