Import from Reference text

Can anyone show me an example of a textual reference that is actually successfully parsed by the importer?

I tried several formats, they all fail silently. I even tried the example from the manual with the same results.

Here is my procedure:

  • Open the Plain References Parser (Ctrl-Shift-N)
  • Paste a reference (i.e the following from the manual: O. Kopp, A. Armbruster, und O. Zimmermann, “Markdown Architectural Decision Records: Format and Tool Support”, in 10th ZEUS Workshop, 2018.)
  • Click “Add to current Library”

The window closes, I get a little label at the bottom of the screen saying the reference is being parsed, then the label disappears and there is no reference in the main table, no message errors, nothing.

Is anyone using this new(-ish) feature?