Importing a library from Bibdesk

Hi, I have a library of several hundred references that I made using BibDesk. i.e. it is a .bib file.

Should it be possible it be possible to import this into JabRef? I have tried using ‘open library’ but this gives ‘Status: Opening: …bib’ for a long time with no change. If I try ‘Import into new library’, I similarly get ‘Status: Importing in unknown format’ without change.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Since you already have a bib file, the “Open library” should work.
To find out what is wrong, I suggest you start with a small portion of your file.

Usually, parsing errors are also reported in the error console (accessible via the “Help” menu). If nothing helps you can also send us your file to and we will have a look and debug the problem.

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Thanks a lot the error console pointed me towards the problem!

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I had a similar problem and I wanted to share the cause and solution. Many thanks go to @tobiasdiez for pointing out the error console, this was indeed very helpful. My log indicated that an invalid entry field had been detected:
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The field name ‘id’ is reserved
My collaborator had been using BibDesk and a handful of the entries had a field "Id = ". Deleting these fields cleared up the hanging issue and allowed the library to be opened.


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The problem with the id field is also now resolved in the current master version since a while.

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