Indexing window on jabref exit


I have jabref in multiples PCs (linux and macs) with shared libraries in Dropbox and so far no issues. Now that I moved from Jabref 5.3 to 5.4 there is an “ndexing for library” windows that appears when I exit the program. Is it normal to have this window?

keep on with the good work on Jabref, it is fun and good app.

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thanks for the kind words! We really appreciated that :blush:
JabRef 5.4 supports a full text PDF search (a feature that was implemented during Google Summer of Code) and this uses Lucene to index all linked pdf files and create a search index of all pdf files. This will take some time for the first time depending on the pdfs linked. This is done once and the index is updated only when there have been changes.

@btut can say more

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