Linked PDFs not opening anymore (v5.2)

Hello everyone,

I am running JabRef 5.2–2020-12-24–6a2a512 on Windows 10 10.0 amd64 using Java 14.0.2.
Since the update from version 5.0, I cannot open linked pdf files anymore. Clicking on the pdf symbol, the ‘documents’ folder opens instead of the pdf file. This happens both with relative and non-relative paths.
I have read that there was an issue with v5.1 - however, I cannot find the setting that these questions mention:

And the problem is not just about relative paths, but any paths.

Does anyone have an idea how to make the file links work again?

Any help is much appreciated! Thank you :slight_smile:

So what helped for me is activating, in my Preferences → Linked files → ‘Search and store files relative to library file location’. Now both relative and absolute file paths work again like a charm :slight_smile:

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I had exactly the same problem:
After updating to 5.2 the linked PDFs did not open anymore (only windows explorer)
Setting Preferences → Linked files → ‘Search and store files relaitve to library file location’ solved that problem :slight_smile: