Input for "Set" entrytype

Dear all,

How to input entryset content for “Set” entrytype in Jabref’s new version (4.1)?
It used to be quite straightforward in old version 3. But I am lost in version 4. As attached figure shown, how to create a new item in the entryset?

Of course I still can directly input through “biblatex source”. But I would like to know the standard way to input.

Thank you.


Mhhh, you should be able to just type the BibTeX key in the blue-marked area of your screenshot and hit enter. Does this work or do I understand your question wrong?

You have to enter the bibteykey and hit enter two times

Thanks for the help. Just tried and it needs: 1) enter a PREEXISTED bibtexkey 2) hit ener twice. That’s tricky, :slight_smile:

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