Inspection window: design simplification

The design of the inspection window is a bit cumbersome. It could be simplified and be made more consistent:

  • Keys are necessary for the database proper functioning. Hence, there is no real need for the check box “Generate keys” and the button “Generate now”: Keys should be generated automatically when the inspection table is fed.
  • The button “Delete” and the “Delete” in the drop-down menu have the same purpose as unchecking the “Keep” box. Hence it could be removed.
  • The button “Stop” is not related to the buttons “OK” and “Cancel”: It can be used only while the inspection table is being fed (if it takes too much time, for example). A better design would be to have a small window displayed on top of the inspection window. This small window will show a progression bar and a “Cancel” button.
  • Entries can be sorted by Author, title, etc. The GUI should also offer sorting by “Keep” and “Duplicates” status.