Inspection window (and others): line height of table too small for fonts

I updated to the new version 4.2 (essentially because with the old one I was no longer to fetch entries from medline and google schoolar), but I have troubles with font sizes.
I have managed to change settings to a reasonable appearence for the main table, but the inspection table of web search is still unreadable, and can’t find how to set it right.
The table lines are smaller that the fonts, and it is impossible to read the contents.
I tried to change back to the default settings but it remains unreadable.

Is there anything that can be done?
Here is the screenshot:



we are currently in the process of reworking the whole stuff to the new GUI technology. While the maintable is already converted and many other dialogs, there are still some dialogs that need to be converted. In the meantime I added a quickfix which applies the table font size settings from the maintable to the import inspecton dialog.

You can try out this version:

For reference

Thanks. I tried to install the version you linked and the inspection window is indeed much better (the fonts of the menues are again very small, and the settings don’t work to set them right, but that is something easier to live with).

However, what should I do with the two .jar and one .dmg files?
I feel like the question could be stupid, but I really don’t know much about these things.
And perhaps those are the files that fix the remaining menu font size issues… (hopefully?).

Thanks in advance.

I just fixed the table size. As we are reworking that one for the next major version, I just focused on the important thing to adjust the table font size. As we have only limited resources, we are trying to focus on the new GUI technology.

The other files are just for the other platforms: a standalone jar file without installer can be run directly, you can think of it as portable version. The other files are for the Mac users and the linux users.
Our build process automatically builds all files for all platforms.

As I wrote before we are currently in the process of transforming to the whole new gui technology (the entry editor and the groups panel are already in the new technology so that these font problems are then solved).

You can try out the new version here and install it in parallel to the other one. But you should backup your database and be aware that the new version still has some problems.

However, the import inspection window is not yet fixed in that one.

Here is the reference with all current open issues in that version:

I understand better, thank you for fixing the insepection windows and for the explanation.
I will wait for the new GUI finished version, and I am grateful for your work!

Thanks again.

I tried different settings of font sizes and I found the way to have the display work well (not exactly a scientific process, more a trial-and-error-I-don’t-know-what-I-am-doing kind), and now it looks great.
Thanks once more for your help in solving the inspection window issue and giving me a workable version of this great software!

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