InspireHEP and SAO/NASA ADS Bibtex Key Catch

Hi everyone.

When I used web search with InspireHEP and SAO/NASA ADS in JabRef 4.x, the fetcher automatically saved the article with original bibtex key (which is defined by Inspire). After JabRef 5.x, this feature vanishes.

Is there any possible to recover that option?

Example of the feature I want:
In the JabRef 5.x,

  • Web search “Chatelain:2016xva” using INSPIRE database
  • Save the article
  • The bibtex key is generated by JabRef: “Chatelain2017”
  • I want to save this article with “Chatelain:2016xva”.

While perhaps a bit late, it is being tracked as a bug in