Add InspireHEP as resource to update the bibliographic data

In the High-Energy Physics community, the InspireHEP keys are used universally as citation keys, so people don’t have to discuss different citation key patterns.

In a previous feature request, there was a workaround presented as to how to make JabRef take these keys upon import of entries from InspireHEP.

However, it would be nice to add InspireHEP as one of the resources to fetch bibliographic data from, so these keys can also be fetched from InspireHEP for entries, which had been imported from elsewhere or are missing an citation key.

The usual procedure would apply, i.e. the opening of a window, which shows the differences between the old and new entry and letting the user choose how to merge them etc.

Hello @PeterMeinz

Inspire-HEP can be queried from within JabRef. See Searching externally using Online Services - JabRef (Note: the first screenshot was misleading; it was not about groups!)
What additional workflow do you need?

Hi @mlep
sorry, I was talking about the button where one can fetch the data for existing entries:
Bildschirmfoto 2022-11-03 um 11.06.40
(marked with the red square)

Would it be feasible to include InspireHEP there?


this depends a bit on the fetcher, but I think this could be implemented. It would only be useful if you could maybe help to identify which fields of the entry should be used for a query.
Search tips for using INSPIRE – INSPIRE help

Hi there,

so the API docs say arxiv or DOI id should be fine: GitHub - inspirehep/rest-api-doc: Documentation of the INSPIRE REST API

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Thanks! I will create an issue on github with some more details.

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@PeterMeinz Good news, we just merged the PR for the feature. (A new build is ready in roughly 30 minutes)
It will now take the DOI to resolve the entry metadata.

Remember to make a backup of your library before trying out the new version:

Thanks a lot for the effort!