Interest in Using Web Technologies in JabRef?

JabRef is an app built in Java, and does not use a frontend stack like [HTML, CSS, and JavaScript], React, etc., correct?

I am not that experienced in application development, though I have some experience using and modifying apps built in Electron like Obsidian. They seem to have a lot of flexibility and extensibility in terms of both user interface and functionality. In using JabRef, I have sometimes found myself wishing for the customizability of Obsidian (changing the UI with CSS, adding functionality via plugins, etc.).

Is there any interest in utilizing any of these technologies in JabRef?

Again, my knowledge around Java is minimal, so please let me know if this question is totally off-base.

Thanks for all the work you’ve done over the years!

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Obsidian is not completely open source, so if you wanted to integrate it with JabRef, you would need to use their bindings/APIs or something.

JabRef uses Javafx for its UI and yes, apparently it is possible to use CSS to change its styling:

I haven’t tried it though, so if you want to do this, you would probably need to compile JabRef from source and do your thing. See Set up a local workspace | Developer Documentation

You can also take a look at GitHub - JabRef/JabRefOnline