JabFox status for dev version of JabRef

Dear @tobiasdiez,
how is the status about JabFox for the JabRef 5.* dev version?

I rudimentary read some Issues about it on GitHub and know that there was some work done in the last days.

Is the JabFox website on Mozilla up to date? Or do I have to download a dev version of JabFox somewhere. And how is the install process?

The version of jabfox on the mozilla addons website works with Jabref 5.
The latest changes have more to do with the chrome version of the addon.
You can install the version from source, but in firefox you shouldn’t notice any difference! :smile:

As @LyzardKing said, there were only a few minor changes to add-on code. A few more bigger bug fixes are coming soon (hopefully). But I’ll have to wait with releasing these fixes anyway until 5.0 is released since the current add-on code (in github) is no longer compatible with JabRef < 5.

like i already wrote in another thread - i found bibitnow as a possible alternative to get info from your browser to jabref.
Maybe this could be an (even better) alternative ? I have looked into it a little (still using zotero as main literature manager) - but not in a real user case.

It seems available not for firefox only - so maybe you guys can “collaborate” with the extensions developers to make it work with jabref easily - and maybe make jabfox obsolete with that (not meaning it is not needed/shitty or something - but you simply don’t have to reinvent the wheel to have a working solution for several os and browsers by integrating a working solution - which you don’t have to spent time on yourself.).

@kaktux Thanks for the hint, that’s indeed interesting and OpenSource as well:

Maybe a collaboration would be possible.

I looked at the source repo… it seems like only the parse rules are open source.
The main addon source code is not…
A dev version should be available from a url linked in the readme…
The url is not working…

@kaktux Thanks for your recommendation. I had a look at bibitnow and it seems to be a light version of zotero, at least the list of supported sites is considerable smaller than the one of zotero.

Good news: We now have a preliminary version of JabFox for Chrome:

Although it should work in principle, it’s still a bit experimental. Please report any issues you encounter at https://github.com/JabRef/JabRef-Browser-Extension/.