Is it possible to customize the name of downloaded file when I use 'Look up full text document'?

In Jabref 3.4, it seems the file downloaded by the ‘Quality’>‘Look up full text document’ function, will be named as the title of the bibtex entry.
I know in older version Jabref 2.10. One can use the ‘local copy’ plugin to download and rename the attached file. For example, one can use ${TITLE}_${JOURNAL} (${YEAR}) ${PAGES} in ‘local copy’ to customize the filename.
I am wondering is it possible to do this when I use ‘Look up full text document’ in Jabref 3.4?
Thanks very much in advance!

Yes, this is possible in JabRef 3.4.

Open the “Preferences” and go to the “Import” settings:

Here you can find the setting “Filename fromat pattern” where you can enter the following:

\begin{title}\format[RemoveBrackets]{\title}\end{title}_\journal(\year) \pages

This should do the trick :wink:

Hi! Thanks very much! It works.
I have one more request, could you please tell me what is the keywords and syntax which can be used here? Maybe I want to change the style sometime. I could not find this in the help page.

As far as I know you can use all fields and formatters available for a “CustomExport”.

The help for CustomExport can be found here.

Dear Sir,
Thank you very much! I have read the doc page, however it seems a little complicated for beginners like me. I still have several questions. Could you please help me? And I want my file name have the style of title_journal volume (year) pages or title_journal volume (year) firstpage-lastpage.

  1. Sometimes, the name of the entry contains latex characters, and I want to replace them with normal characters.
  2. Sometimes volume, year or pages maybe empty in the bib file. According to the doc page of CustomExport, I want to add \begin{} \end{} between them.
    Finallly, I wrote my format string (based on the previous one you told me) like \begin{title}\format[RemoveBrackets,FormatChars,RemoveLatexCommands]{\title}\end{title}_\begin{journal}\format[JournalAbbreviator]{\journal}\end{journal} \begin{volume}{\volume}\end{volume} (\begin{year}{\year}\end{year}) \begin{pages}{\pages}\end{pages}
    But, when I use this format string to download the file of one of my entry which has the name ‘Collision cascades in pure $\updelta$-plutonium’, it gives ‘Collision cascades in pure updelta-plutonium_J. Comput.-Aided Mater. Des. {14} ({2007}) {367-378}’.
    Could you please tell me how should I modify my string?
    Many many thanks!

Your string is already looking good. Some minor changes:

\begin{title}\format[FormatChars,RemoveBrackets]{\title}\end{title}_\begin{journal}\format[JournalAbbreviator]{\journal}\end{journal} \begin{volume}\volume\end{volume} \begin{year}(\year)\end{year} \begin{pages}\pages\end{pages}

Don’t ask me why, but the { } braces around \volume, \year and \pages are not needed. And to omit the ( ) braces if the year is empty they have to be put between \begin{year} and \end{year}

Regarding the latex commands: You can simply use the “FormatChars” formatter as this formatter should already remove the LatexCommands - however, it is not working correctly as the braces are removed before. So switching the order to \begin{title}\format[FormatChars,RemoveBrackets]{\title}\end{title} should work.

Dear Sir,
I think the string works very well now. Thanks very much for your kind help!:thumbsup:

Dear Geiger,
I have a further question about the previous question. Could you please help me?
In bib files, usually it uses – between firstpage and lastpage, like 21–31, in order to print an ‘en dash’ in the generated pdf file. If I want to replace the ‘–’ to ‘-’ in the name of the downloaded file. I read the help doc and tried:\begin{pages}\format[Replace("--,-")]\pages\end{pages}. However, it does not work. Could you please give me some suggestion?
Thanks very much!

Yes, this is also possible and as this is a rather common problem there also exist a dedicated formatter for this: FormatPagesForHTML.
To use the formatter for pages you’ll have to write:

Dear Geiger,
Thanks very much!
You forgot one \ before the word format. However, I add it myself and it works.
It is very nice of you to give me so much help!

You’re welcome and thanks for the hint. I corrected it in the previous posting.

Does this functionality still exist in JabRef 4.3.1?
I tried
“\begin{title}\format[RemoveBrackets]{\title}\end{title}_\journal(\year) \pages”
as suggested above in the second post. But the renamed file had only
“begin{title}format{title}end{title}_journal(year) pages.pdf”
instead of the desired file name.

I actually would like to have a file name like:

In the very old version I could do this with a plugin and the pattern like

Anyone can help?