Is there a way to edit multiple entries at the same time?

I would like to clean up a bibtex file and perform operations such as:

  • Remove certain fields (such as file or month) from all entries
  • Change capitalization to be consistent (e.g. convert all-caps names to standard capitalization)
  • Remove certain fields conditionally, e.g. remove URL only if DOI exists

Is batch editing possible? If yes, are any of the operations I outlines above possible?


have a look at the Cleanup Dialog Quality -> Cleanup. It already has some builtin formatter you can configure for all fields or only some. It works on all selected entries.

Most actions are described here:

Have you had any trouble with this? I have been trying to format Journaltitle for multiple entries, but whenever I click Cleanup Entries, it cleans only the first entry if I’ve selected a bunch. If I select 3 or 4, it works fine.