Set field content from other field

Owing to collaboration with other authors, journal requirements, etc., I often find myself needing to alternate between BibLatex and BibTex formating. Right now, I am working with a document that needs to use BibTex, but many of the entries are formated for BibLaTeX. As a quick workaround, I was wondering if there is a way to use the Set/clear/rename fields dialog to set the contents of one field to those of another. More specifically, I would like to have it put the contents of the “location” field in the “address” field. Is this possible? Thank you!

You can use the Tools > Cleanup functionality, where you can choose that entries are converted from bibtex to biblatex and vice versa (at least in the latest development version, the other direction is also available).

Cool, thank you! I am using an antiquated version of JabRef (3.8.2) to retain compatibility with my other programs (I am using Debian’s stable release), but will download the latest version and perhaps try to generate a library compatible with both BibTex and BibLaTeX.

For anyone else having this issue, I also figured out that you can edit the .style file for the LibreOffice connection and change “address” to “location,” along with other fields (“journal” to “journaltitle,” “year” to “date,” etc.). This saves you from the tedium of having to fill in both sets of fields every time you add an entry to your database, but introduces the tedium of having to modify the fields every time you use a different style file.

At least for biblatex, the fields are defined as alias fields, that means it doesnt’t matter if you put your year in the year field or in the data field.

JabRef development version is avaiable as a standalone jar, only requiring Java 8 and openjfx with no dependencies to other libs.
Please remember to make a backup of your library and note that the groups format has changed.