JabFox don´t work whith Firefox 57

JabFox is incompatible with the new Firefox Quantum. Will there be a JabFox update for this browser? Thank you very much.


I’m working on a new version (https://github.com/JabRef/JabFox/pull/41 and https://github.com/JabRef/jabref/pull/3246) but it is not yet working. A complete rewrite of the old add-on was necessary and thus it is a lot of work.

For the moment you are advised to keep using Firefox 56 and Zotero 4.

Ok! Thanks Tobias, you are doing a great mission for all us. Congrats.


The new version will very welcome. There is hopefully support for newer zotero versions, too.

Firefox 57 seems to break a lot of extensions.

I just went back to Firefox52 ESR, which receives all security updates, so should be a safer way to run Firefox pre-57 than not updating.

If you have zotero (here version 5) working in the background from firefox (the newest version) you can save to zotero and import the zotero bibtex export into jabref. A little work than jabfox but working quite nicely.

Thanks, Bernhard! Yes I have Zotero and I will try it. Regards,


is there already a version for Firefox? (Using FF64 und Ubuntu/Linux)?

At least when i browse to the firefox addon page it says “This addon is not available for your platform”.

Linux is currently not supported, but we are working on it.

thx for the info. I’ll keep an eye on that and delay my switch from zotero until this works. This is in no way meant to pressure you guys :wink: Take your time. I’ll have to play around a bit anyway since i want to try to use jabref with others by running a postgresql on a nas (via debian virtual machine) while also storing the files on the nas in a structure that is mimiced by jabref (topic, subtopic… -> containing articles).
But for adding new articles i think browser addons relaying the info to jabref is the way to go - as most people i know search their readings in the browser anyway.

as there is not yet (to my knowledge) a working solution for jabfox on linux - do you guys know about bibitnow? I just stumbled upon it from the jabfox addon page and it actually even mentions jabref in its description :wink:
Maybe this could be an (even better) alternative ? I haven’t looked into it that much - but it can copy to clopboard or open via program of choice (couldn’t get it to choose jabref though in my first tries).

It seems available not for firefox only - so maybe you guys can “collaborate” with the extensions developers to make it work with jabref easily - and maybe make jabfox obsolete with that (not meaning it is not needed/shitty or something - but you simply don’t have to reinvent the wheel to have a working solution for several os and browsers by integrating a working solution - which you don’t have to spent time on yourself.).

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