JabRef 3.6 hangs when creating bibtex keys


Running v3.6 on Linux Mint Rosa and openjdk 1.8

I am having problems with the whole shebang hanging when I try to create a bibtex key using the little ‘key’ button in the entry editor. The status bar message reports “Status: Empty BibTeX key. Grouping may not work with this entry” and the system monitor reports that the process is
sleeping (infinitely!) on futex_wait_queue_me… I have to kill the process and restart because the whole of JabRef locks up. This happens to me every time.

Curiously, when I configure JabRef to create a bibtex key when saving with an empty key, it works fine! Key created (although sometimes a bit flaky - key does not get always get written to the raw bibtex code). But no hangs.

Has anybody else observed this issue? Is it related to the openjdk JVM? Does anybody see this with the Oracle JVM? Or other OSs?


Hi Peter,

could you please try the latest dev version from http://builds.jabref.org and check if that isue still exists?
Otherwise this might be the same issue as described here;


No, this latest version (v3.7) does not hang as I described above. The only issue is that the generated bibtex key is not displayed until I move to another property sheet and then come back to the first property sheet. Only then is the bibtex key visible.