Nothing but problems with JabRef 4 on Mac!

Hi all.

First of all, I am a big fan of JabRef. Well, have been, up to v3.
Now JabRef has insisted on an update to v4 (I’m using Mac OSX Sierra, not High).
Having done the update, I only get problems. To name the three most recent ones:
(1) I cannot use ctrl+a etc. to have the cursor jump back and forth as one usually can do in an text editor. This has worked before. (Furthermore I cannot change colors of the text editor / entry field…)
(2) JabRef has removed some of the bibtex entries I have created by hand in the bibtex file (!)
(3) Now, and this is the most recent one causing high blood pressure in my veins: I cannot view my bibtex entries anymore, JabRef rather crashes then displaying them.

In order to justify my choice of forum, here’s my question: How can I revert back to JabRef v3?
The alternative is to not use this nonsense anymore at all…


I’m sorry to here about your problems with version 4.0. We had three open beta runs, but since not a lot of Mac users participated most bugs were unfortunately only reported after the release. In the mean time, most of the issues you experience should be fixed in the current development version (which will be released as 4.1 in a few days). I would ask you to report the remaining bugs at github.

If nothing helps and you really want to go back, you find the old releases at github. But note that the groups are not backward-compatible (i.e. they are no longer shown in old versions).