Jabref 5.5-5.7 on Ubuntu 20.04 Slow/Unusable

I have a 5000 entry database and need bibtex every day. Versions 5.5-5.7 on ubuntu 20.04 are basically unusable. Very very slow. I have gone back to the version that comes with ubuntu, 5.3.8, which is much better and more usable. I have tried the snap version - same problem - unusable. Is there anyway to shutoff all the search stuff to make the recent versions usable? I just need a reliable editor and the groups interface is very useful. The addition of the behind the scenes internet search features just seem to introduce problems for people with large databases?
many thanks wbm

Stuff that improves performance:

  • disable “add timestamps to new entries (field: creationdate)” and disable “add timestamps to new entries (field: modificationdate)”.
    • Can be done at options > preferences > General
  • disable “Autocompletion”
    • (options > preferences > entry-editor > )
  • deactivate “automatically index all linked files for full-text search”
    • (options > preferences > linked files > Fulltext Index)

There might be more but this is what might help the most on first glance.

What exactly is the JabRef version that comes with Ubuntu 5.3.8?

Since you are also on Linux and use groups, could you please do me a favour and confirm, if the error message that happens to me as shown in this issue also happens to you?