JabRef file selector dialog on Linux

When running JabRef on Ubuntu 20.04 or 20.10 it uses the Gnome/GTK file selector dialogs (e.g., opening or saving a library). This is a good fit when running a GTK-based desktop environment, however I run the Plasma (KDE) desktop environment so the dialog looks out of place, has fewer features, and the wrong set of bookmarks. Is there any way that I can force JabRef to use the KDE or QT file selector dialog? Thanks!

good question. I think this is because JabRef’s gui is written in JavaFX which probably uses GTK.
However, I found this https://askubuntu.com/a/1150512
Maybe this works for you?

Thanks for the reply Christoph! Sadly, I had already tried what your link described and it was unsuccessful. This trick does seem to work for some applications but not others. I didn’t know that the reason it defaulted to the GTK file picker was because JavaFX uses GTK so that does make sense. Maybe someone else has an idea but if not I think we can chalk it up to not being possible.

@euphonic What package did you install from? The deb/snap/flatpak?
Thank might help with some troubleshooting…
if it’s one of the latter two you might need to install xdg-desktop-portal-kde instead of xdg-desktop-portal-gtk