Jabref no more saving references

I am using Jabref to add references in texstudio but suddenly is stopped to add new references. It saves but the references don’t appear in the bibtex file. Although previous are present there what should I do now. Can any one please guide or help?

Alright, a little bit more information is needed to tackle this issue. A first start would be:

  1. Which JabRef version and operating system is this? - Could you post the version info at help > About JabRef ?
  2. Can you confirm that texstudio is indeed chosen at options > preferences > external programs and you use the correct command?
  3. Could you post a screenshot of the resulting event log after you finished your workflow? - You can find it under help > view event log
  4. Are you running out of space on your harddrive? Is there some artificial contingency in your folder environment?
  5. Could you close Jabref, then open the folder that your library resides in and make a backup of the bibtex file (.bib), the .bib.bak and .bib.sav.tmp files within and when the backup is done, delete the .bib.bak and .bib.sav.tmp files?

Depending on the issue, you would need to provide a way for us to reproduce the issue. It also could be that there is wrong syntax in the library file, which breaks texstudio, or the other way round.

On a side note, i am unfamiliar with texstudio.

I am using JabRef 5.5

Yes! it is chosen at the same path and I am using correct command.

It just give a question mark for new references and when I open the BibTex file only previously saved references are shown and no new references are present there.

  1. Check if there is wrong Syntax (a la BibTeX format explained [with examples] - BibTeX.com) in your Bibtex library file or in one of your entries. If you manually edited an entry via {} bibtex source tab, it could have been a typo that breaks syntax. e.g. a missing comma, a missing closing brace or a symbol/character that breaks texstudio. % without braces for example is a special character in latex.

Please answer the other questions i had and provide more info, otherwise support is difficult. If you don’t know what is the cause, how can we know without looking at the data.

Thanks for the support.
The problem is I save references in Jabref but they don’t appear in bibtex file then I simply copy the syntax and put it manually into bibtex file then it works otherwise not.

It’s saving references in the new library but not in the previous one.

Have you done step 5 for the old library?

Thank you. It’s working now.

So, what did you do that would make it work? What was the cause?

I copy paste the previous references in new file so it’s working now.