JabRef on arm64

Hello: I’m using JabRef on a linux system running on arm 64. I can run the older .jar versions of JabRef just fine, but there is no build in the 5.0-beta release for arm 64. Is it possible to also release the .jar file? Or, can someone cross compile it for arm 64 and release that binary? Thanks! -Eric

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Could you try to download the portable edition from https://builds.jabref.org/master? Inside, you’ll find a huge jar somewhere. Please report if that JAR is working.

When I issue
java -jar JabRef…jar for either

JabRef-5.0.30094.jar or

I get the following error and nothing else:
“no main manifest attribute, in JabRef…jar”

There should be a launcher that takes care of the proper initialization: bin\JabRef or something similar named.

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The launcher bin/JabRef (I’m running on Linux) is an x86 executable so can’t run. There is another directory in the tree, lib/runtime/bin, but everything there is also x86.