LibreOffice Integration: Merge citations bugged?

Hello everyone!

I’m not sure, whether this is the right place for my questions, but I’m sure, JabRef is at least partly responsible for them. I’m using the newest version of JabRef and the up-to-date stable version of LibreOffice.

First: I’m really grateful for the LibreOffice-support and the provided tools!

However, while trying to use this functionality over the last few days, I unfortunately had two serious problems:

  • My main problem concerns the merge citations function, which seemingly can only process a limited number of references. This manifests in form of references from the start of my text (4 pages, 58 unique references) vanishing, while (displaced?) double-citations appear in later passages. I already tried the converter-macro for plain Latex-strings to only make use of the merge function at the end, but unfortunately this did not help.

  • The second problem seems to be connected to the first. As far, as I understood from the documentation, the references should either get ordered alphabetically or in order of their appearance (depending on the style file). Unfortunately neither is true in my case, although I set the variable to the second mode (the standard styles don’t sort correctly either). Now I could imagine, that the merge function is able to solve this, but I can not use it. Converting to the Latex-citation strings I noticed numbering in front of the bibtex-keys. I guess these numbers are related to the ordering of the references, but besides sometimes rising in value I do not see a system I could manipulate and of course these numbers are presumeably different for merged references.

Are these problems I can solve or are these bugs? If so, is there a way to circumvent them, for example by manipulating the LaTeX-cite-strings (even if it was manually)?

Thank you for your help!

Sorry for this very late reply.

Meanwhile, there has been a huge overhaul of the background code responsible for the libreoffice/openoffice integration. I would suggest trying the latest development version. You can find it here: index - powered by h5ai v0.29.0 (

  • It would be nice, if you could check, if the first problem (merge citation function has upper limit) is still reproducible and report back if so, or not.
  • Your second problem (order of bibliography) might refer to this issue on GitHub. It is known that the method to order the library is not perfect.

Of course, you can work on these problems, if you think you are able to solve it! :slight_smile: Feel free. Currently, nobody is working on LO/OO integration (As far as I am aware, the other developers have different priorities right now. There are many issues floating around).