Jabref citations display as unresolved in Libre Office

I am attempting to insert citations into a LibreOffice document using the built-in functionality in JabRef.

Connecting JabRef to LibreOffice appears to work fine. JabRef can find the open LibreOffice documents and can insert citations and bibliography into them.

However, I experience the following issue:

The citations appear as [(unresolved)KEY] where KEY is the bibtex key of the item. E.g. [(unresolved)Zhang2022].

The bibliography entries (inserted at the end of the LibreOffice document) appear as Unresolved(KEY) (Cited on pages: XXX). E.g. Unresolved(Zhang2022) (Cited on pages: 4).

When I try to synchronize the bibliography (clicking the circular-arrow button in JabRef), I get the following error message:

JabRef error

I am running LibreOffice and JabRef 5.7 (neither installed via snap) on Ubuntu 20.04.

Any ideas what might cause this issue?

OK - so a reboot of my machine seems to have solved the problem. But still rather mysterious what caused it…

I’ve seen these errors at random as well, but cannot find a reproduction step…

I just had this error and it took me some time to solve it for me (reboot did not help).

Within the OpenOffice/LibreOffice control field clicking the Settings button and selecting the option “Look up BibTex entries in the active tab only” did it.
The second option “Look up BibTex entries in all open libraries” was activated by default and while I only had 1 library open, I got this error.

All working well for me now.

@vanukkalla Thanks for the hint this might be a bug. Can you please create an issue here ? GitHub - JabRef/jabref: Graphical Java application for managing BibTeX and biblatex (.bib) databases
so we can keep track of it?

Just did that, please let me know whether you need more information.

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