LibreOffice OO Plugin to work with plain text codes

One major headache for me when working with the otherwise wonderful OO plugin is that the field codes which the plugin inserts into the ODT document are removed every time some poor soul who is still beholden to Microsoft Word edits the document, and then you have to start entering all the references again from scratch. It would be nice if there was a feature that could convert the OO plugin field codes that are embedded in the ODT file into plain text codes (ideally perhaps just the bibtex keys in square brackets or something similar) and back again. That would allow you 2 things:

  1. you could convert the field codes to plain text if you anticipate that perhaps some collaborator will want to work on the document with anything other than LibreOfiice, then convert back when the edits are done and you are ready to finalize the bibliography.
  2. you could cite things directly by simply typing the plain text code.

Thanks for taking the time to consider this. (And for developing JabRef in the first place. It’s really rather nice and getting nicer, and the world really needs something like this.

see for a solution: